Napa Valley's Swashbuckling Web-Series from Judd's Hill


Wine Booty is here!

and the word is out...


"The swashbuckling, wine-soaked love child of "The Colbert Report" and "Pirates of the Caribbean."'

-Jessica Yadegaran, San Jose Mercury News


"This is exactly what the wine world needs more of! Fun, top-quality 'Wine Booty' from Judd's Hill."

-W.R. Tish, recovering wine critic


"Judd Finkelstein, the Terry Gilliam of wine country" 

-Michelle Locke,, Associated Press wine columnist


"Pirates -- and their linguistics -- were onto something. "Stash." "Loot." "Bounty." But when it comes to describing the spoils (an oddly used word in of itself) of life's adventures, none really sum it up as effortlessly and elegantly as "booty." Booty is bounteous in scope. Naughty by nature. And straight up, just saying the word itself is the beginnings of a smile.  The wino pirates in Judd's Hill's Wine Booty series are onto something good, too. Something I wish more pompous, self-important, secretly insecure wine snobs would adopt -- bona fide wine knowledge packed in a barrel full o' fun. Wine can be intimidating. But it's less so with the Wine Booty crew at the helm. These videos give everyday wine-loving schmucks like me some ammo against the prevailing wine douchery of the world. To these lads I raise my glass and say, "Argh!'"

-Vanessa Chang, Food Nerd/Wine Douche Hater (


“It’s Saturday Night Live blended with Napa wine.”

- Linda Reiff, Executive Director, Napa Valley Vintners


"It's fun"

-Courtney Humiston, 7x7SF



-St. Helena Star


"Judd Finkelstein... torturing the valley with ukulele music." 

-Paul Franson, Napa Life

Click on the map above to view the latest episode featuring Gerald Casale of Devo!

Avast and prepare to be boarded! Here be the newest web-adventure from Judd's Hill! "Wine Booty" is a high-seas vino-centric video series showcasing Napa Valley's saltiest characters. Vintners, chefs and other celebrities in the world of food and wine drop in to have a bit of chin wag with Judd and The Pirate.


To behold the grandeur of Cap'n Raven's Wine Barrel Pirate Ship

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Wine Booty News

August 29, 2012

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February 14, 2013

"Finkelstein launches new Wine Booty web series" - click above link to view St.Helena Star story

September 5, 2012

"Drink Like a Pirate" -  click above link to view story by Michelle Locke



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