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$50.00 per Bottle

This wine is lush with aromas of sweet cream and hazelnut. The first sip adds flavors of citrus fruits, such as lemon, lime, orange, and tangerine. Extending the experience, these flavors linger on the palate and create a long finish.

$55.00 per Bottle

From the first sip which coats your palate through the finish you will get big fruit with a flavor profile of black cherry, warm spices with hints of smokiness.

$55.00 per Bottle

This light bodied Beaujolais style Rose produces bright bold flavors with hints of strawberry, blackberry, plum and spice.  The Rose should be served slightly chilled to bring the fruit forward which follows with a long finish.  This wine is meant to be drunk young to celebrate the harvest.

$34.00 per Bottle

Petite Sirah is one of the biggest, most powerful and tannic wines produced in America. Benefiting from California’s ideal conditions and levels of ripeness, along with extended aging, our wine shows an inky, dark, purple color that offers flavors of black pepper, blackberries, blueberries, spice, and licorice.

$45.00 per Bottle

The aromas and flavors of Judd’s Hill 2016 Carneros Pinot Noir include rose, black cherry, berry, and currant. The soft tannins and medium acidity help to make this Pinot Noir a wine with broad appeal and great versatility.

$48.00 per Bottle

A perfect summer (or anytime) sipper!
Candied light fruit hits the palate first with hints of white pepper, light cherry and strawberry leading to a creamy peach finish balanced with bright acidity. 

$32.00 per Bottle
$34.00 per Bottle

Lime, green apple, passion fruit, and white peach are a few of the dominant flavors of Judd’s Hill’s 2017 Sauvignon Blanc. This fruit forward wine is bright and refreshing, with weighty minerality and a long finish.


For our Stainless Steel, Los Carneros Chardonnay, we limited all winemaking interventions, in an effort to showcase the beautiful, rich fruit of this grape. The flavor profile of this Chardonnay consists of peach, lemon, melon, grass, and vanilla.


$45.00 per Bottle

This wine has sweet notes of spice with undertones of black jammy fruit. The full mouth-feel transforms into a lingering finish, allowing the memory of the bold fruit to live long after finishing the glass.

$38.00 per Bottle