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Doris' Brisket

Brisket a'la the Finkelstein family, a perfect paring for the 30th Anniversary Cuvee!

Here’s Doris’ (My Mother In-Law) Wonderful Brisket as prepared by Holly, approved by Art, enjoyed by Bunnie, and transcribed by Judd.

*This is a very inexact type recipe.  Have fun with it and savor the delectable results.

-Get yourself a nice brisket.

-Score it a bit on both sides with a sharp knife.
-Smear ketchup all over the meat. Get into every nook.
-Chop up a big bunch of garlic.
-Rub that garlic all over the meat and get it into every nook.
-Take a few onion slices and put them in the bottom of your dutch oven or whatever coverable vessel you're using to cook the meat.
-Place the meat on top of the onions.
-Spread out some more onion slices on top of the meat.
-Pour a bit of beer or white wine or beef broth into the pan, about a  1/2 cup or so (a little more is fine).
-Cover it all up.
-Stick the whole shebang into a 300 degree oven until it's done.
-It'll take a few hours.
-Check the meat after three hours or so, it may seem cooked through, but you’ll want it beyond done; when it just falls apart, so let it cook until you   get there.
-Keep the brisket covered the entire time to ensure it stays moist. 
-Baste occasionally (maybe just three or four times.  Do it quickly to minimize the the time the lid is off).
-When done, the juice in the bottom of the pan can be used as gravy.  

It also makes a fine a stew base, along with red wine, in which to cook up the leftover meat with some carrots and potatoes.

This roast will give your house an aromatic bouquet in a really good way!

Either serve it immediately or... remove meat from liquid in pan, strain fat from liquid, slice brisket, return to dutch oven, pour the strained liquid over the meat, refrigerate overnight, reheat and serve. 

Author’s note: Art sometimes brushes molasses on the meat before smearing on the ketchup and garlic.  It’s deeelishus either way you cook it.  Enjoy!