' Judd's Hill - Kenn's N-S Fried Chicken

Kenn's N-S Fried Chicken

FRIED CHICKEN (the non-*#@!*@# way)


(Lawry’s?) Seasoned salt (more of this than anything else)
Lemon Pepper (be careful not to be too heavy-handed)
Poultry seasoning
White pepper
Garlic salt
Onion salt

16-24 chicken thighs and drumsticks (you can also use breasts, but they obviously take longer to cook)


Soak the chicken overnight (or for at least a few hours) in the fridge in a mixture of 10-12 beaten eggs and a bunch of chopped fresh or Costco minced garlic to taste. You can also rub the garlic directly on the chicken underneath the skin and then leave the cloves in the mixture.

Place a healthy amount of flour (3+ cups?) in a large kitchen garbage bag (don’t include any garbage, for gosh sakes) and then add copious amounts of the above dry ingredients (you will be surprised how much it takes to get the Colonel’s “secret flavor”). Mix well in the bag and periodically taste a bit of the flour mixture between your fingers to ensure non-*#@!*@#.

Make sure the skin of the chicken pieces are intact and covering the whole leg or thigh. Place a few in the flour bag at a time and coat them well.

Meanwhile, bring the oil (I highly recommend peanut oil) to a medium high temp, preferably in a high-sided cast iron pan. Oil level should be high enough to cover the pieces at least halfway.

Once oil is hot enough to give a good splatter when you flick a little water in, place your coated chicken in the pan and cook until golden brown on the bottom before flipping. Avoid the temptation to “over flip,” but it’s quite alright to move the pieces around in the pan to ensure non--*#@!*@# even doneness. I also advise never to fry chicken while naked.

Depending on the temp of your oil, it’s probably anywhere from 8-12 minutes per side, but it varies a lot so let brownness be your guide. Check the underside periodically to avoid burning.

When done, remove from oil with tongs and allow excess oil to drip out before transfer. Place pieces on a rack covered with paper towels and then pat the tops gently with more paper towels.

Enjoy! I had to endure a whole year of a terrible marriage to extract this recipe!


Thank you Kenn Kovitz!