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Viognier, Napa Valley 2015

Our 2015 Viognier is full of the floral aromas and stonefruit flavors that make this varietal one of our favorites.  In contrast to previous vintages that spent time in stainless steel, this year's vintage was 100% barrel fermented and aged exclusively in neutral French oak barrels.  The result is a bright and fruity wine with satisfying palate-weight and a textured mouthfeel.  If you've enjoyed our past offerings, you'll love this Viognier!

$38.00 per Bottle


After three years of plentiful harvests, California’s water shortage has finally caught up with Napa Valley’s Vines, resulting in a much smaller crop of approximately 20% to 40% less fruit than expected. In addition, we also experienced a very early harvest. On the positive side, we now have smaller berries packed with flavor. Because the grapes had enough time to hang and fully ripen on the vine, harvesting early will have no negative effects. Thus, even in the drought conditions, Napa Valley produced another magnificent crop.

Glembocki vineyard in Napa’s Oak Knoll District is one of the rare places that is warm enough to ripen red Bordeaux varietals and yet not too warm for Viognier. The region is generally cool, but soil variation within the vineyards produces some sites where the earth warms more quickly in the spring. These areas begin growing earlier and thus have a greater capacity to ripen. Combining these warmer sites with limited crop yield allows the Viognier grape to achieve full maturity.

The Viognier grape did not arrive in California until the 1980’s. Although the grape is somewhat difficult to grow, the 2015 Viognier harvest from the Oak Knoll district in Napa Valley has fruit that bursts with flavor. The floral characteristics of honeysuckle and jasmine, along with the peach and apricot aromas, showcase this outstanding vintage. This wine has a delicate mouth-feel with a long finish and light acid with a hint of minerality. This year’s Viognier was barrel fermented and aged in Neutral French Oak.

Serving temperature for wine is a very important factor in one’s decision of what food to pair. When serving a dry white wine, such as a Viognier, the temperature should be held from 48 to 53 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring that the fruit of the grape will be the dominant factor. If served directly out of the refrigerator at 38 degrees Fahrenheit, the acid will overpower the fruit. Consequently, the serving temperature along with the character of the grape will determine what food will complement the wine. Slightly less chilled wine paired with spicy foods will bring the fruit forward. Cooler wine paired with spicy food will become more acidic. Latin, Asian, and Indian flavors works extremely well with this luscious wine.

Vintage 2015
Wine Style White Wine
Varietal Viognier
Acid 6.11TA
PH 3.64
Aging 7 months in neutral French Oak barrels
Barrel Aging
7 months
Fermentation 100% Barrel Fermented
Alcohol % 14.4
Size 750 ml