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Having started as garage winemakers in the early 1970s, Judd’s Hill Winery and MicroCrush was founded in 1989 and is owned and operated by two generations of the Finkelstein family. Our motto is, “having a good time making great wine with family”.

We have made wine in The Napa Valley since the 1970s and continue to produce signature wines that are fruit-driven and concentrated while remaining well-balanced and food-friendly. Judd’s Hill was designed and built when the family purchased a 14-acre hillside vineyard in the eastern hills of Napa Valley. We moved to our current facility to increase our opportunities for welcoming guests. Taking an intimate and personal approach to our winemaking, we set out to produce no more than 3,000 cases of wine annually, an amount that allows us to enjoy a hands-on approach to every aspect of wine production. Our first release of Judd’s Hill wine was 1989 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Winemaking in the garage

Mastering the Art of Small-Lot Wine

At Judd’s Hill, we take an intimate and personal approach to our winemaking. Our many small-lot wines are produced in limited quantity so we can ensure they have the quality and balance you have come to expect from us. This gives you the chance to sample remarkable wines from rare varietals and hidden vineyards.



Being part of a community involves giving back; this has always been an important part of the Judd’s Hill mission. Wine donations are a large part of fundraising in the Napa Valley. Many non-profits use the bounty of the valley to help in their fundraising, and Judd’s Hill is proud to be part of that. In addition to supporting local charities and non-profit organizations with wine donations, all of our events benefit one of our community partners. The most notable of these are our Springtime Bonanza and Hanukkah Hootenanny, that are fundraisers for Napa Valley Youth Symphony and Napa Community Health Initiative respectively. We feel strongly about both programs and their contributions to the community. If you are interested in purchasing tickets to the events, sign up for our newsletter to receive notifications. Our Wine Club Members receive complimentary tickets to all of our events. Learn more about our Wine Club here.

Community is such a part of our family that the next generation of the Finkelstein family has already founded a community organization, Be Kind Napa. Be Kind brings people together to spread and celebrate kindness.

“Kindness is a powerful quality that we each possess. When displayed, shared, and received, kindness creates peace, friendliness and community.”
-Talulah, co-founder of Be Kind Napa, age 9

If you are affiliated with a Napa area non-profit organization, you can direct any donation requests to bunnie@juddshill.com.



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