About Us


Bunnie grew up in Los Angeles, majored in political science at UCLA and then taught English as a Second Language for twelve years. Since the early 1970s when she and Art turned their Los Angeles home garage into a small winery, Bunnie has been an avid wine enthusiast and promoter of life’s enjoyment. She is a voice for poetry and wine: “The symbiosis of poetry and wine hit me a few years ago, and our first Judd’s Hill Newsletter was published in 1999 mainly as a vehicle to put out some wonderful wine-related poems which we solicited from our friends and wine buyers. The poems are all posted on our website as a great treat to web surfers. We advertised for poets way before we ever thought about advertising for our wine!”

Bunnie is an artist in a number of media; one of those is “bunnieknits,” “hand-knitted fantasies of extraordinary colors to cuddle your shoulders, nestle your neck and reflect the artist within you.” Friends commission her to create these scarves and shawls, and she has had shows in St. Helena and San Francisco. Bunnie also plays the tuba “because I love deep sounds and it makes me happy!”

Bunnie is a key part of Judd’s Hill and Napa Valley Custom MicroCrush. When she reflects on many years of involvement, she muses that “the wine business is a lot of hard work. What keeps it fresh and compelling is the beauty and fascination of the product at every point from the vine to the bottle. Our countryside is exquisite and the people here are friendly because they live in a lovely place and are excited by their work. There are many challenges to be met, but you learn something new every day. As a former teacher, I love that.”

Her genuine positive energy and smiling face illustrate her attitude of saying yes to life every day.

Bunnie Finkelstein